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Babymama is a Proud Member of Care Code Alliance

The C.A.R.E Code Alliance is the first-ever alliance of companies, professionals, and organizations to put positive pressure on the Booby Traps® to help make the 360-degree world around expecting and new moms safe, supportive and positive. In hospitals and health providers’ offices, in stores and public spaces, at work and among friends and family, our Allies are making a long-term investment in protecting healthy infant feeding and are positioned as trustworthy for expecting moms, new parents, and the public.

Moms deserve the C.A.R.E. Code Alliance.

Moms are bombarded daily with information about infant feeding, but not all of it is reliable, and much of it undermines infant feeding decisions and breastfeeding success rates. All expecting and new moms deserve to know what businesses “have their backs” during the most vulnerable period of motherhood, just as they deserve to know which car seat is safest, which health care providers to trust, and which blogs or websites to turn to for accurate information.

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Every International Code-compliant company deserves to be recognized.

The C.A.R.E. Code Alliance program, and its accompanying seal, rewards and recognizes businesses that protect healthy infant feeding by marketing them to moms and the media. Following in the footsteps of other trusted seals, the C.A.R.E. Code Alliance steers consumers towards those businesses with an attractive and instantly recognizable symbol.

All of our Allies pledge to uphold a core set of criteria (see below), as well as the Best for Babes Credo, and promise to raise mainstream awareness of the International Code and of the importance of positive messaging for breastfeeding.

  • C: Cheering and encouraging moms with positive messages.
  • A: Accepting, accommodating and non- judgmental about parents’ feeding decisions.
  • R: Referring to or Recommending expert lactation help as appropriate.
  • E: Evidence-based information is the standard in all communications.

The Alliance enables Best for Babes® to work collaboratively to advocate for moms through the formal support of a variety of stakeholders. Our Allies come from both within and outside of the breastfeeding arena and industry. Together, we can create lasting change that improves the health and well-being of moms, babies, and society. By joining our Alliance, you demonstrate your company’s commitment to helping mothers and babies, build employee morale, and increase the value of your brand!

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About the Best for Babes Foundation

Parents & caregivers deserve to be inspired, motivated, coached and cheered on! Parents don’t need to be judged or told what to do. Finger-pointing and judging only fuels the “mommy wars” and “breast vs. bottle” debate. Becoming a parent is tremendously challenging, and deserves empathy, compassion and respect.

Parents & caregivers deserve to have access to positive, inspiring, and evidence-based facts so that they can make informed decisions about infant feeding. We are working to make sure that the information parents receive is free from undermining influences or conflicting agendas.

Our focus is on making sure expecting mothers are prepared for breastfeeding, now what to expect, and have the tools to overcome any hurdles. We are mostly concerned with supporting he 86% of women who want to breastfeed to get through the 6-8 week learning curve so they can go on to nurse for as long as they desire, or have better access to donor milk, feeding at the breast, and breast milk alternatives if they can not breastfeed.

Regardless of whether a mother breastfeeds for one week, one year, or not at all, her story has value in helping more mothers succeed and accomplish the breastfeeding goals they set for themselves. We believe in moms. We never forget that once we were squeamish about breastfeeding, struggled with it, and had to find our way. If we could do it, so can you . . . we’ve got your back, Babe!

We believe that breastfeeding is a foundation of human health, and as such, is a cause that deserves significantly increased funding and resources.

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