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Babymama Eugene Grace Bello

I am a mom of a 13-month old breastfed girl, Cadence Bree. Now that she can walk, she’s starting to be ‘makulit’ already! There’s so much energy in her and she has such a very generous heart–very giving to others. Rarely will you ever see her make a fuss or throw a tantrum, but like all babies she’s quickly learning new things about herself and new ways to communicate. Talking is something that she’s definitely working on nonstop. All the babble she makes is starting to sound like actual conversation already, even though we totally have no idea what it is she’s trying to say! In the morning, I spend my time with Cadence and then at night, I work as a Math Tutor. I usually get off at 7pm and be home by 9pm. Also, when I’m at home with Cadence, I work on my part-time business to make ends meet as a single mom. Before going back to work, I wanted to build a milk stash just like the ones I would read online. But it turned out to be easier said than done! Eventually, I only pumped enough milk for her to get through the hours that we’re apart the following day. That’s the pump schedule that I’ve stuck with until now. One memorable experience I have was when Cadence and I went on a date with my friends. Of course, Cadence eventually asked to be breastfed ’til she fell asleep. While we were eating, this one lady tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that I was doing such a great job on breastfeeding my daughter. I said thanks and as she walked away, I broke into tears until my friends started crying with me as well! They knew the sacrifices I made, the hard work I put into breastfeeding, the usual stares I’d get despite covering up–and to be acknowledged or even to be praised is all breastfeeding moms really need! Breastfeeding in public definitely is a hassle especially since my daughter isn’t used to covering up. She’d always attempt to pull herself out of the cover, but that’s the least of the challenges a breastfeeding mom experiences. Strangers’ opinions don’t really matter if suddenly we’re exposed. What’s challenging is having the people who you thought would understand the most, turn out to be the ones insisting you feed in the restroom. In spite of this, I always try my best to be polite no matter how angry a mom with a hungry-fussy baby. So instead of the usual backbiting “Do you eat where you poop” question, I forgivingly explain to them why I don’t want to do what they’re asking. Respect begets respect. Even though I felt disrespected, respectfully informing them allows them to leave with more understanding and hopefully more respect for it rather than just leaving you alone because you frightened them away. I just completely avoid stressing out everyone, my baby, and myself because breastfeeding should be a happy precious moment and I don’t want to ruin that.  

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Eugene Grace Bello is a 21-year old tutor and entrepreneur. She exclusively breastfeeds her 13 month old daughter, Cadence Bree.
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