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True love is not just about the sweetest chocolates or the biggest bouquet of roses you can give but it’s about support, patience, and hard work.
This February, we are bringing you the touching stories of the partners of our Babymamas!

I am a Dad – Kevin Eric Santos  

I show my appreciation to my wife by supporting her breastfeeding endeavors. I remind her to take her malunggay capsules, I wash and sterilize her breast pump and bottles, and sometimes I feed our son with expressed breast milk so she can take a break from breastfeeding. I burp our son after feeding, and I change baby’s diaper when he poops.

I try to understand her and give her as much empathy as I can. I even tried the Spectra M1 double electric pumps to know how it feels to breast pump. When I’m finished at work I drive home immediately so I can spend time with my family. When she’s super tired from being a mom I give her a nice back rub. When she’s feeling down, I crack jokes to lift her spirit.

Being a breastfeeding mom is a tiring full time job, and even if I do all these things for her, it can never equal the dedication that she has shown in exclusively breastfeeding our son. And that is why I love her so much.


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