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Babymama Rebecca Pilapil

I am a mom of Aurora Felise. She is God’s Gift. She is the best teacher in this roller coaster ride of life called Motherhood. I was scheduled for a CS due to a breech position on August 8, 2016. Believe me, I tried everything to make her head go down from spinning babies, prenatal yoga etc. However, she chose her own day to be born in her own terms. Now, she is almost 9 months and she brings so much joy to everyone.

It took me years to have a child. At 37 years old, God finally blessed my husband and me with a daughter. I wanted to give her the best nutrition possible. I also thought to myself I wanted Aurora to experience the most natural thing in her existence, mother’s milk.

In this journey, I got the most support from friends who are already Mothers. They were happy to share their tips and experience with me. Plus, I did a lot of research online from websites and YouTube videos.

Breastfeeding is our bonding. I experience love from Aurora’s latch and flow of energy. I have been exclusively breastfeeding for 9 months without pumping or bottle feeding and I look forward to this feeling always, so natural.

But I also suffered from wrong latch, wounded nipples, mastitis, and clogged ducts. Everything a first time mother would encounter, I met them all. I just had to pray, breathe, and relax. I researched a lot from the Internet, asked from my friends. I also learned to go with the flow and be extra patient.

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Rebecca Pilapil is a 37-year old first time mom. She exclusively breastfeeds her 9-month old baby girl, Aurora Felise.
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