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Babymama Maricel Loquinte

I am a mom of a 11-month old baby boy. He was born one month before due date because of my history of preeclampsia for my first born. I did my best to breastfeed him because that was my frustration before that I did not breastfeed my first baby. He is now very healthy with my exclusive supply of milk.

I spent my maternity leave researching about how to continue breastfeeding while working. That is when I got to order at Babymama. I bought a breast pump and all pumping accessories including a cup feeder for my baby. I was able to build a stash before I went back to work. I have a sales job which requires a lot of travelling and meeting with clients.

When I got back to work I handed my boss a copy of RA 10028 (Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009) to make him aware since it’s the first time to have a pumping mom in our office. They gave a space for pumping and gave me the extra time to do my thing. My co-employees are supportive of my breastfeeding journey despite that almost all are male. They always remind me to buy malunggay which helps my milk supply.

But sometimes, I have a hard time maintaining my pump schedule because of client meetings and going to government offices that have long queues. It’s really stressful. I also get low supply of milk but I just take malunggay supplements and drink a lot of water because I know it will eventually increase.


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Maricel Loquinte is a 34 year old working mom. She has two kids and currently breastfeeding her 11-month old son.
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