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Babymama Christine Santiago

I am a mom of a one year old baby boy.  He’s my second child and I still get amazed how he learns a lot of things in a short period of time.

I currently work as an Internal Auditor in a government office in Quezon City. I commute to and from work everyday from Bulacan. I find the commute manageable considering I have officemates who live in Manila and their travel time is the same or more than the time I spent commuting because of traffic.

Before going back to work, I did a lot of planning in terms of scheduling and determining what works for me. I didn’t try to do all things at the same time and pressure myself in terms of producing enough milk for my child. For me, I simply love the joy of spending nursing moments with my son. That, I think is the most important aspect of breastfeeding. I was able to produce enough milk for 1 month’s supply with the help of my Unimom Forte breast pump.

Also, I was fortunate to work with an organization that supports breastfeeding at work. A nursing room/station has been set up in the office where I can pump discretely during my lunch break.

But pumping when you’re on the go is quite a challenge. In my line of work, after visiting a regional office for an audit, we will also need to travel for a considerable amount of time to do an audit for a field office. It’s quite a challenge because of the travel time and the space I’ll be needing in case I need to pump. But I have very supportive teammate in our audit and she would sometimes volunteer to use our room where we’re billeted in case I need to pump.


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Christine Santiago is a 36 year old working mom. She has been breastfeeding and breastpumping for a more than a year now.
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