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Babymama Vanj Dolores

I am a mom of a healthy baby boy. We named him Alab (5months), our rainbow baby, he is our second born, I gave birth to our eldest stillborn son named Sinag last 2015.

I decided to breastfeed because my mom did not breastfeed me and my siblings due to her work situation. And when it was my time to have a child, it took us a while ( 9yrs) and we want to give the best to him.

I’m a stay at home mom and our day usually begins at 5:30AM to breastfeed. Then I cook breakfast while my husband holds/plays with Alab. We take our morning nap at 8am and then wake up, breastfeed, and play with him. At around 1pm, Alab takes a long nap, then wakes up and plays again. At night, we get Alab ready for bed around 8pm. Me and my hubby have dinner after and we get a quiet time until 12am. Then I get some work done online or do some chores at 1am. And then, sleep at 3am.

We are pretty much hands on with our son because we don’t have a helper in the house. I get a lot of support from my husband and my churchmates.

So far my most memorable moment was when my son started to mimick ‘kiss’. He holds our face and places his lips near us <3.

In my breastfeeding journey, I did not experience having sore nipples to the point that there is a wound. My son has a good latch. My greatest challenge is the high and low of emotions and feeling inability to care for him, especially the first weeks together.

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Vanj Dolores is a 33 year old stay at home mom, she is exclusively breastfeeding her rainbow baby, Alab.
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