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Babymama Grace Benaid

I am a mom of Ania Sadie but we call her Ada. She just turned 6 months last week. Her current weight is 9.5 kls. Exclusively breastfed since Day 1. My hubby and I opted for breastfeeding due to great benefits.

I get a lot of support from my hubby’s family. His sister is still breastfeeding her baby up to now. Her daughter is already 2 yrs old. Although we’re already aware of breastfeeding, her sister boosted our knowledge and confidence.

In my breastfeeding journey, I’ve encountered many challenges. I had clogged ducts, sore and bleeding nipples and leaking milk. But the most memorable is probably the beginning of our breastfeeding journey.

The start was the most difficult part. There’s no milk coming out from me when we started plus my nipples are inverted so Ada can’t latch. She was wailing because she’s hungry. I was also crying because I know she needs food ASAP but can’t do much. I already asked my hubby to buy formula milk but thankfully before it reached our hospital room, Ada has successfully latched.

Determination and will is the key. I almost gave up many many times due to extreme pain, stress and fatigue. I cried so many times. There were also times I was terrified whenever my baby latches down due to pain. But my love for Ada is too much for me quit. I just have to remind myself that I want the best for her. And giving her the best requires taking all in those pain. Thanks to my loving partner. He gave me comfort during those times.


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Grace Benaid is a 25 year old first time mom. She has been exclusively breastfeeding her baby girl for 6 months now.
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