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Babymama Lianne Mae Estrope

I am a mom of a big baby girl. She now weighs 9 kgs and she’s on her 5th month.

Before I gave birth, I’m convinced that my milk is the best that I could give to my baby. I never thought that it was so hard on the first few months! I mixed fed her because I thought my supply was not enough. Then she had cow’s milk allergy. That was when I was obliged to breastfeed her exclusively. That allergy was a blessing in disguise!

I think the most help I got was from my mother in law. She cooked soup everyday and she bought a lot of healthy food for me to increase my supply. She’s my hero.

The most memorable experience is when I first breastfed my baby in public. We were in SM department store. She started crying and everyone was looking at us. I had no nursing cover that time. I asked for a chair and nursed her at the back of the shelves.

I’m still on process of trying to increase my milk supply. I’m currently using Spectra 9+ but I’m planning to switch to Spectra S2. Another struggle that I’m facing is how can i keep up with my baby’s demand. I’m almost out of stash and I really need to pump more. Maybe, once I have the S2 pump which can help increase milk supply, I might build up my stash easily.

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Lianne Mae Estrope is a 27 year old first time mom. She has been breastfeeding her 5-month old baby girl.
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