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Babymama Virnaliza Ontog

I am a mom of Pia Iris and she just turned 6 months old this month.

I decided to breastfeed because I didn’t exert that much effort in breastfeeding my firstborn who happened to be sickly. So, even before Pia’s birth, I said to myself that I will breastfeed her no matter what.

My daily routine usually goes like this. I ride Via to school at 10:30AM, which means I have to leave Pia with either my mom or grandpa for about 2 hours (so I should have expressed milk handy). Once home, I start my work (until about 6-7PM) and I breastfeed Pia in between. By 8 or 9, Pia is already asleep and just wakes up to get breastfed.

Challenges I have encountered so far is declining milk supply when stressed or whenever I spend too much time working. When that happens, I take malunggay supplements and drink lots of fluids.

One very memorable moment also was when Pia suffered from dengue and pneumonia a week after her 4th month and she was confined for 5 days. I thought I would lose her because she was already dehydrated when we brought her to the hospital and has been staring blankly on the ceiling.

Good thing, we had her checked up during the first day of her fever and even though the antibiotics did help because it was her sore throat that was initially diagnosed. During her stay in the hospital, my milk supply was miraculously very high (perhaps my body had sensed that baby needs it so much that time). Thankfully, with hydration from dextrose and my breast milk, she was discharged from the hospital and recovered fast.

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Virnaliza Ontog is 30 year old work from home mom. She has been exclusively breastfeeding her six-month old baby Pia.
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