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True love is not just about the sweetest chocolates or the biggest bouquet of roses you can give but it’s about support, patience, and hard work. This February, we are bringing you the touching stories of the partners of our Babymamas!

I am a Dad – Alexander Jr Vivar  

This is a picture perfect moment that sums up how my beautiful loving wife strives to give our little one the best nutrition she needs.

For almost 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding, I saw her struggle, frustration and determination to not give up feeding our child the best milk she needs. I am very THANKFUL for her not only taking care of our baby but also because she still manages to take care of me.

There came a time that our pedia told her to supplement formula milk to our baby because of slow weight gain but this didn’t stop her.

I know I can’t produce milk but I show that I appreciate her effort by baking her lactation cookies and by researching how we can increase her milk. I always make sure to go on dates with her and cook for her.

I love you deary Margeret Irish Pullante Vivar so much and I will not let you do this alone.

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