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Hands-Free Pumping Bra Kit - Purple (pump and massage at the same time)


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The Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit™ takes the stress out of sitting down to pump several times a day not being able to do anything but hold the pump shields. Using the Simplicity™ while pumping allows you to relax, read, or play with your baby.
  • Faster Pumping Many of our Moms who pump and massage can pump faster with 5-6 minutes being a reported time reduction in our survey
  • One Size Fits All Never worry about getting the wrong size. The Simplicity™ elastic band stretches for an easy fit and comfort. Goes on and off in seconds.
  • Compact The Simplicity™ is lightweight and compact. So easy to carry with you, fits in your bag, pocket, etc. and will be there when you need it. Many other hands free pumping bras are cumbersome and bulky.
  • Natural Milk Booster Most breast pumps are very ineffective, even the expensive ones, and do not completely empty the breasts. When pumping using your Simplicity™, you can enable the Hands on Pumping Technique towards the end of your pumping cycle. By incorporating this technique 94% of moms get more milk output
  • Affordable The Simplicity™ is affordable for every budget. Many Moms buy 2 for the convenience of having one for home and another for work, travel, etc.
  • Versatile The Simplicity™ works with all breast pumps and nursing bras. Just adjust the straps for fit in seconds!


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