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Supplier Credo

To incorporate fair practice, honesty and transparency with our suppliers, this SUPPLIER CREDO takes into effect beginning February 2019.

  1. All meetings with suppliers will only be held in Babymama premises (Babymama stores or warehouse) or the supplier’s official place of business.
  2. In the event that the meeting is held in a restaurant, the Babymama employee will pay for his/her own food and is discouraged from being treated by the supplier. Babymama does not provide representation expense to its employees.
  3. Employees may not solicit and accept special favors, commissions and any other form of personal compensation.
  4. Suppliers must report attempted or actual violations of this policy to our General Manager immediately.
  5. A supplier found to be tolerant of this behavior will have their contract with Babymama immediately terminated.
  6. All promotional giveaways/freebies/items should be delivered to the warehouse using standard delivery guidelines.
  7. Only inventory personnel may receive promotional items.
  8. Personal gifts should be in the form of food, drinks or a token worth less than P500. These should be brought to Babymama place of business and not handed directly to the employee in an outside meeting.
  9. Non-food gifts worth more than P500 will be raffled off among Babymama employees during the company Christmas party.
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