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Good news! We’ve upgraded our portable breast pumps!

Our well-loved breast pumps are highly recommended by working moms! Here are 3 reasons why you should get one too.

1. Get the best of both worlds

Our portable breast pumps can now be used up to 12x a day! So you get the best of both worlds: a portable breast pump you can bring anywhere plus you can pump more each day. Perfect for working moms who exclusively pump and maintain their milk stash!

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2. Convenient for on-the-go moms

It’s portable, compact and lightweight. Whether you are travelling or pumping at work, you can pump anytime and anywhere! These pumps are easy to use and you have less parts to clean. Plus, you don’t have to worry about going out because these pump are rechargeable!

Spectra M1 and 9 Plus have built-in rechargeable batteries while Spectra 9s use 4 AA batteries or you can plug it in power outlet or power bank. Tip: To extend the life of your rechargeable battery, please make sure you only plug this when you need to charge the battery. Do not use the pump while charging and make sure not to overcharge or drain the battery. You can start charging even when at 50%.

3.Safe and mold-free pumping

All of our Spectra breast pumps are closed system which means there is a barrier that blocks any backflow of liquid into the pump. This backflow preventor ensures that it keep the milk from flowing back to your pump. This in turn prevents molds and bacteria from growing and will keep your pumping safe and hygienic.

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