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Breastpump Troubleshooting

Please refer to the manual that comes along with your breast pump for instructions on pump set-up and use. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.


Spectra 3/300/350 weak suction
  • check if filters are full, if yes they need to be replaced
  • replace white valves if the ends don’t meet in a flat line or they are torn
  • if only 1 breastkit is weaker, then the issue is a breastkit part related
  • send pump motor for troubleshooting/repair if breastkit parts are intact
Spectra 3/300/350 filters always get full with milk
  • hold breastkits in an upright position
  • if this recurs a lot, consider changing to Spectra back flow preventors
Spectra S1
  • Initial charging is 6 hours or until battery is full, succeeding charging is until battery is full. You can recharge when battery is at 50%.
  • Can be used even when plugged in the adapter because it uses a high capacity battery
  • Never let the battery drain or it will never charge again and you will need to replace the battery
M1/Spectra 9/Allegro
  • Initial charging 2 hours, then succeeding charging until battery is full. You can recharge when battery is at 50%.
  • Can’t be used while charging because it uses a low capacity battery which in turn will be drained and will require replacement of a new battery pack
  • Avoid draining the battery, charge as soon as the indicator starts blinking.
Moisture inside tubing
  • replace filters
  • check if diaphragms are torn
Motor gets hot during use
  • this is normal
Motor shuts down after 30 minutes
  • this is an auto shut down feature after 30 minutes to protect the motor
  • but you can turn it on again
Valves keep falling off
  • Use grease cutter soap (Axion/Joy) to remove the fatty residue from the milk
  • Replace if still fall down after soaping. If yes, they are loose.
How to sterilize
  • Use any sterilization method for any amount of time
Send the pump for checking if:
  • rechargeable pumps do not charge or shuts down


Weak suction
  • if diaphragms are deformed or have holes, replace
  • if white valve ends don’t meet in a straight line or they are torn, replace
  • if only 1 breastkit is weaker, then the issue is a breastkit part related
  • send pump motor for troubleshooting/repair if breastkit parts are intact
Pump does not turn on
  • Check if the adapter is broken (pump will work with batteries)
  • AA batteries (especially rechargeable batteries) should be 1.5v each and not lower
Send pump for checking/repair if:
  • does not turn on
  • intermittent suction


Weak suction
  • Try pumping first without massagers
  • Check if over-sterilized (suction increases when you press down hard on the top cover)
  • If top/bottom cover is loose, need to replace the back flow preventor set.
  • Check if this is breastkit related by using 1 step at a time
How to sterilize
  • Unimom plastic parts are sensitive. They should only be sterilised once a day, 2 minutes maximum
My breasts feel full after pumping.
  • Check if flange fit is correct
  • Check if breastkit parts need to be replaced
  • Check if this is breastkit related (use 1 breastkit at a time)
  • Try using with or without silicon massagers
  • Make sure the strength is not painful

Freemie – milk flowing into the tubes

Milk flowing into the tubes will be caused by 3 main reasons
  1. Posture of the mom and cup is not upright. If the mom is lying too far back or too far forward it will not allow the milk to pass through the silicon valve and into the cup. Only way out for the milk is in the tubing. This also applies for moms that have very large breast that hang down, they need to ensure the cup is upright.
  2. The wrong pump is being used, moms will connect these straight up to the freemie tubing. These pumps need the barrier or backflow valve. The Freemie system needs a pump that blows as well as sucks. When the pump blows it pushes the milk through the silicon valve. Some pumps don’t have the ability to push as much hence the milk gets sucked back into the tubing.
  3. The silicone valve is damaged and does not seal. This can be visually checked. (less likely than the above two reasons)
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