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How to Increase Breastmilk

clem11Many mothers make the responsible decision of choosing to breastfeed their newborn babies. After all, compared to infant formula milk, mother’s milk contains active enzymes, living cells, immunoglobins, hormones and compounds that cannot be duplicated in an infant formula. The basic natural needs of a human nursling can best be met by the complete food coming from its own mother. Its benefits abound both for the baby and the mother like better health, illness prevention, better disposition and intimacy. With her child’s food source at her disposal, she would do anything to ensure sufficient provision of her breast milk to aid in her child’s growth and better health. Contrary to other people’s claim, various lactation aids that a mother can take in like milk tea, capsules, supplements and cookies do have beneficial effects that encourage the production of breastmilk. The nutrients or lack of it definitely have corresponding effects on our bodies. Thus, we must keep an open mind on their use. These supplementary aids are designed to make every child’s weaning time truly satisfying by increasing breastmilk levels.

1. More Demand means More Supply of Milk

The increase in the supply of breast milk is highly dependent on the frequency of weaning time. It is the child’s demand for milk that creates a stimulus that causes the body to produce more milk. It is a natural response of the mother’s body to act on the hunger of her child. Even for sleepy babies and those with mellow personalities who have inability to initiate feeding and require the prodding of their mothers to receive sustenance, it is the mother’s duty to ensure that her child is nursed at all times even if it means waking up her child. Allowing one’s baby to get as much milk from the first breast before switching to the other side gives him an opportunity to derive high-fat hindmilk that will give him enough calories to grow thru the milk-ejection reflex of his mom. It also contains “colostrums” which is the nutrient-rich thick first stage of breast milk.

2. Rest and Stress Relief

When a mother is sick or under stress, this can lower her supply of milk. Hormonal disorders and birth control methods decrease supply as well. Thus, a nursing mom must have adequate rest and sleep. A nursing mom should check her lifestyle and see if there are worthless pursuits that are draining her energies away. She must learn to ask for assistance or delegate tasks that she can do away with. If her baby’s welfare is her priority, then she will do everything to preserve her energy to feed her little one and so increase her breastmilk supply. We recommend Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles Black Currant to help during letdown in times of stress.

3. Skin Contact

The feel of his mother’s skin certainly helps make his weaning moment soothing and calming. Skin contact also provides the needed stimulation to babies who are less enthusiastic during feeding time. It also help stimulate the mom’s milk ejection reflex which squeezes the milk out of her milk glands and down into the ducts and milk sinuses where it’s available to her baby. It is advisable that she always stays close by her child with the latter undressed with only his diaper on and a little covering on his back during feeding time.

4. Well-balanced Diet

Nutritionists recommend a well-balanced diet, well-hydrated fluids with as much as 64 ounces of drinking water, fresh juices and soups daily. She must be enriched with vitamins, minerals and fiber like fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole-grain bread and pasta and calcium like milk tea, sardines, salmon, lean meat, skinless chicken breast and low-fat dairy products. Following milk-inducing tea products are available here: Organic Mother’s Milk, Shatavari Cardamom Tea, Moringana Ginger Tea, Moringana Lemongrass Tea, Organic Mother’s Mik Tea and Organic Milkmaid Tea.

5. Capsules / Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are safe to use during breastfeeding and have been used for many years to help boost milk production, like fenugreek, blessed thistle and malunggay. It is only during pregnancy that fenugreek needs to be avoided because it may cause uterine contractions. We recommend supplements like Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, Motherlove More Milk, Moringana Malunggay Leaf Capsules, Sun Angel Malunggay Capsules, Fenugreek seed 610 mg, UpSpring Baby Milkflow Fenugreek Blessed Thistle Drink Mix, Nu-Moms Malunggay Capsule with Folic Acid, My Brest Friend Fenugreek Capsules and Blessed Thistle capsules.

6. Cookies

A nursing mom needs an added 400-500 calories per day that can be found in specially made cookies to keep a mom’s pre-pregnancy weight and also help increase breastmilk production. Following special cookies are available here: Premium Belgian Callebaut Triple Choco Chip Lactation Boobie Bites and Premium Belgian Callebaut Milk Chocolate and Almond Lactation Boobie Bites.

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