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How to Breastfeed

Now that you have decided to breastfeed our baby, here are some guidelines:

  • Breastfeed within the first hour
  • Have the baby room in
  • Watch out for feeding cues every 1-3 hours(sucking movements, sucking sounds, hand-to-mouth movements, soft cooing or sighing sounds, restlessness)
  • Crying is a late feeding cue
  • Breastfeed first on one breast until baby drops off before offering the second breast
  • Practice the right latch
  • Be with baby 24/7 to establish milk supply
  • Don’t pump at the beginning
  • Don’t feed through the bottle; don’t use pacifiers
  • Do not give formula or water because this will lessen the demand for your milk
  • Baby has at least 3 bowel movements in each 24 hours after day 1
  • Seedy, yellow bowel movements by day 5
  • 6 wet diapers by day 4 with urine that is clear or light yellow
  • Satisfied and content after feedings
  • Audible swallowing during feedings
  • Back to birth weight by day 7 to 10
  • Mom has noticeable increase in breastsize and weight by day 5
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